Clive Owen bans kids from watching his films

August 20th, 2012

Clive Owen bans his children from watching his films.

The 'King Arthur' actor - who has two daughters Hannah, 15, and Eve, 13, with his wife Sarah-Jane Fenton - admits that he is very protective of them and says he has even stopped them from watching some of his hit movies including romantic drama 'Closer' which features frequent sexual references.

He said: ''I forget my eldest is now 15! When I tell her 'You're not watching that', she goes, 'I'm 15, I don't need your permission.' The sad thing is that kids at Eve's school have seen films that I'm in that I won't let her watch. Some of her friends have seen 'Closer' and discuss it with her and I have to say, 'Sweetheart, you're not seeing it!' ''

The 47-year-old star - who received an Oscar nomination for the movie - says that despite them both being teenagers he hasn't had any problems with them yet but admits he is glad they haven't started dating.

Speaking about his daughters having boyfriends he added to the Times newspaper: ''Well, I'm lucky, in that we haven't got too much into that yet, but maybe I'll talk to you in a year and I'll be like 'It's a f***ing nightmare!'''