Clive Owen: Shadow Dancer is sensitive

August 23rd, 2012

Clive Owen says his new thriller 'Shadow Dancer' is ''intelligent and sensitive''.

The 47-year-old actor - who plays a British government agent in James Marsh's film about the troubles in Northern Ireland in the 90s - thinks the film will be a commercial success because the complex subject was treated in a thought-provoking and subtle manner.

Clive said: ''The first barometer was debuting at the Sundance Film Festival where the reviews were pretty fantastic. If that's a barometer we'll be okay because people appreciate what James is trying to do.

''I think he's made an intelligent and sensitive film. I don't think it's crass. It's not big obvious sweeping statements, it's delicate and intelligent.''

Clive stars opposite Andrea Riseborough as single mother Collette McVeigh, an IRA officer who reluctantly becomes a British mole.

Clive - who grew up in Northern Ireland - says he was swayed on the strength of the script alone to accept the role and was captivated by the honest portrayal of the struggle between politics and personal motivations.

He added to ''I think what's interesting about this film is that it's not judgmental. I don't think it's totally condemning. It's a human drama, it's showing that everybody to a certain extent is trapped in this movie.

''It's a difficult situation, it was difficult times, and I think it's an exploration of people grappling with that as much as anything else.''

'Shadow Dancer' is released on August 24.