Clive Owen to tackle comedy

September 20th, 2011

Clive Owen is planning to appear in a comedy.

The British actor is usually known for his action roles but now the 'Killer Elite' star wants to tackle something different after being sent a "very, very wicked" script that he enjoyed reading.

He said: "I'm never, ever looking for anything specific. There's one script that I've really responded to that's a comedy. I'd quite like to do that because I haven't really done a full-on comedy, and this a very, very wicked script, so hopefully that will all come together."

Clive admitted he is usually drawn to a project firstly by the script, but it also needs to have a director attached who he wants to work with.

Asked if a script is the first thing that appeals when considering a movie role, Clive told website "It has to be, because as an actor you respond to the material and it's if you got something to do in it, whether you're responding, 'Oh, I could do something in this.' So it has to start there.

"But straight after that, it's the director. It doesn't matter if you respond to the material if you don't respond to the director. It's about wanting to work with the person. It's very much for me, I have the best times when that collaboration is good."