Weekend Recap: What Happened at the Box Office?

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October 29th, 2012

Weekend Recap: What Happened at the Box Office?

-- "Cloud Atlas" brought in $9,400,000 during its first weekend in theaters, falling behind "Argo" and "Hotel Transylvania" to take third place in overall box office rankings. Based on an award-winning sci-fi novel by David Mitchell, the film explores intriguing themes of reincarnation and unexpected connections between seemingly isolated events. From a dystopian future to a young musician living in 1930s Berlin, the different stories intertwine seamlessly. Director Tom Tykwer collaborates with Andy and Lana Wachowski. "Cloud Atlas" has an R rating for drug use, nudity, language, violence, and mature content.

"Silent Hill: Revelation 3D" earned $8,000,000, landing in fifth spot during its debut weekend in theaters. After losing track of her father, a young girl ends up caught in a bizarre alternate world, populated by demonic forces. As she fights to return back home, she will also end up learning important truths about her identity, her past, and her mission in life. The film/s R rating is due to brief nudity, disturbing images, and violence and gore.

Continuing Films

"Argo" has continued to perform well at theaters, leaping to first place this weekend. The film's profits of $12,355,000 added to the grand total of more than $60 million, making "Argo" another success for director Ben Affleck. Affleck also stars as a CIA specialist who has to figure out how to guide six American refugees to safety, without attracting the attention of the Iranian government. His ultimate plan involves an elaborate hoax, posing as part of a sci-fi film crew. However, one false step could lead to disaster. The movie has an R rating for violent images and language.

"Hotel Transylvania" earned $9,500,000 during the weekend of October 26th, bringing total profits to more than $130 million. During Mavis's 118th birthday bash, an uninvited guest stirs up some drama between the birthday girl and her protective father. To make matters more complicated, Mavis's father is none other than the renowned Dracula. The family-friendly animated flick has a PG rating for rude humor, scary images, and action sequences.

"Paranormal Activity 4" made $8,675,000, with overall box office earnings now clocking in at more than $42 million. Five years after the events of the first film, Katie and Hunter move into a new neighborhood, where nobody knows who they are. Soon after, the quiet suburb becomes the scene of strange and unsettling occurrences. Young Hunter befriends the family next door, which could change their lives forever. "Paranormal Activity 4" has an R rating for violence, terror, and language.

"Taken 2" brought in $8 million. The overall profits now equal more than $117 million. Bryan Mills just wants to relax and reconnect with his estranged wife and teenage daughter, but the family members of his past enemies are still out for blood. This time, the former CIA agent is less certain about his ability to overcome dangerous odds. The PG-13 rating is due to sensuality and intense sequences of violence and action.

Movies to DVD

Fans of Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis have reason to get excited for their next movie night. "The Campaign" arrives out on DVD and Blu-Ray on Tuesday, October 30th. Two very different political candidates end up in a heated race for a seat in Congress. One is a womanizer and the other is a humble family man, but both will have to bring their wits if they want to win. The raunchy comedy has an R rating for language, brief nudity, and crude content.

"Safety Not Guaranteed" draws inspiration from a true story. When a magazine writer and a few bored interns decide to investigate the roots of an odd classified ad, they end up on a strange journey to a small beach community. At least one of them turns out to have hidden motives. The R rating is due to language, including mature references.

"First Position" follows the lives of six young dancers who push their physical and emotional limits as they prepare for a life-changing competition. The Youth America Grand Prix can launch careers, but it can also ruin dreams. Ranging in age from nine to nineteen years old, the young dancers face the many joys and challenges of trying to make it to the top of their field. The documentary is unrated, but is generally suitable for younger viewers.

"Ruby Sparks" is a quirky romantic comedy that arrives out on DVD this Tuesday. Calvin Weir-Fields is a struggling writer who accidentally brings one of his own creations to life. At first he is thrilled to have his very own dream girl, but soon their romance gets a little complicated. Calvin has to figure out whether he prefers a picture-perfect relationship or one that has true passion. The movie's R rating is due to drug use and language that includes mature references.