Colin Farrell still excited about "World of Warcraft"

November 18th, 2013

Colin Farrell says 'World of Warcraft' has an ''amazing'' script, but he's still unsure what role he will play.

The actor has long been linked to the video game adaptation - helmed by 'Moon' director Duncan Jones - and although he's blown away by the concept, he's not sure how far along the production is.

He told website IGN: ''I don't know what's happening, man. I read the script, if that's any use to you, and it's amazing.

''I sat with Duncan for awhile and read the script, loved the script, and we were as cool as can be. I don't know what's happening with the film. I don't know where they are in the process.

''The script was just really, really cool, and it's just a world that I never explored - and it's a really big and fantastical world. I can't imagine what he, being as visually gifted as he is, Duncan, and what he did on 'Moon' with, like, a dime [in budget], I can't imagine what he'd do with this 'Warcraft'.''

Colin, 37, is remaining tight lipped about what he and Duncan have discussed regarding his involvement in the film.

He added: ''Can I [spill the beans]? I probably shouldn't. I don't even know, actually, I'll just say that! I don't even know.

''We were just talking, and Duncan just said, 'There might be something in it for you!' And I said, 'Catering?' ''

'World of Warcraft' is set for release in December 2015.