Colin Farrell wants unicorn role

August 19th, 2011

Colin Farrell would like to be a unicorn.

The Irish actor currently stars as vampire Jerry in a remake of classic 80s movie 'Fright Night', and he admits the blood-sucking creatures appeal to most people because of the mixture of "mythical" with human form, although he "wouldn't mind" mixing thing up and playing the one-horned fantasy creature.

He said: "There's something very sensual about the vampire. They're very powerful, they're timeless, and the act of the bite, whatever, is incredibly erotic. So there are a lot of reasons why people are fascinated by them, and they're in human form.

"So it's an interesting mix of the mythical and the mystical within the human form. It doesn't seem like too far a reach, like a unicorn. I wouldn't mind being a unicorn, but it seems like it's more possible for me to be a vampire somehow."

Having now done a comedy horror film, Colin is open to the idea of starring in another one, although he admits he is not specifically "pursuing" anything in particular.

He told "Would I visit horror again? Any genre. There nothing that's in theory or idea being excluded at the same time. Nothing that I'm definitely pursuing."