Jessica Biel wants 'raunchy girl comedy' role

July 31st, 2012

Jessica Biel wants to star in a ''raunchy girl comedy''.

The actress is known for her action roles but Jessica admitted she is keen to stretch her comedy muscles and is keeping an eye out for something similar to smash hit 'Bridesmaids'.

She told E! News: ''Maybe another great comedy, something even like raunchy girl comedy like 'Bridesmaids'. I'd love to check that world out.''

However, ambitious Jessica also has plans to move into period drama and cites Cate Blanchett's career as the type she would like to emulate.

Speaking about Cate's 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age', the biopic of Queen Elizabeth 1, she said: ''I would love to do some kind of great, 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age', playing an incredible woman in history who just made a major dent on the world. That would be amazing, something like that.''

Although Jessica kisses hunky Irish actor Colin Farrell in 'Total' Recall'; she says it's not weird because they have a mutual ''respect''.

She said: ''You know, there's just such respect. Everybody's cool, everybody's professional. And so, it's just cool that way.''