Colin Firth has delayed reaction to Oscar nomination

February 8th, 2011

Colin Firth revealed his Best Actor nomination has not yet sunk in at the annual Oscar luncheon in Beverly Hills yesterday (08.02.11).

The 'King's Speech' star joined a host of fellow nominees including Javier Bardem, Annette Bening, Amy Adams and Jeff Bridges at the event in the Beverly Hilton Hotel and admitted he will probably only realise his good fortune later this year when the awards are over.

He joked: "Obviously it's elating but I have a feeling however this is going to percolate throughout the next year so I'll probably punch the air in May and crack open a bottle of champagne in September."

'The Social Network' star Jesse Eisenberg revealed he felt out of place among his esteemed peers but said everyone was feeling the same way.

He explained: "I have this general sense of feeling like I don't belong, although I have spoken to other actors who do belong and they feel the same so we're just a room of insecure actors."

After nominees posed for a group photograph and received their certificates of nomination, they were also provided with useful tips on Oscar etiquette including a video clip featuring Tom Hanks with detailed instructions on how to give an acceptance speech.

The two-time Academy Award winner advised this year's nominees to never take out a piece of paper to read from joking "Reading a long list of names only shows us your bald spot."

Oscar night producer/director Don Mischer also unveiled a new method for encouraging actors to wrap up long acceptance speeches - a countdown clock showing winners their remaining time and added he hopes it will replace the tradition of interrupting the speeches with music.

He said: "Playing you off to music is disrespectful to you, to our audience, to the Academy and to our industry. Our dream, our fantasy is to never have to play any of you off to music."

This year's event was the best-attended ever with a record 147 out of 191 nominees present, although notable absentees included Best Supporting Actor nominee Christian Bale and 'The Social Network' director David Fincher.

The 83rd annual Academy Awards will take place in Los Angeles on February 27.