Monday Wrap-Up for July 22

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July 22nd, 2013
Monday Wrap-Up for July 22

"The Conjuring" took top honors at the box office this weekend. The eerie film earned $41,530,000. Drawing inspiration from a true story, the movie focuses on the Perron family. In the 1970s, they move into a rambling farmhouse and quickly realize that they are not the only tenants. Desperate to free themselves from the evil presence, the Perrons call on a pair of skilled paranormal investigators to help them. "The Conjuring" has an R rating for disturbing violence and terror.

"Turbo" earned $21,500,000 during the weekend of July 19. Together with the earnings from its Wednesday opening, the film has brought in over $31 million overall. Turbo is just a regular garden snail, except that he dreams of a much faster and more exciting life. When a freak accident gives Turbo unexpected powers, he decides to follow his dream of becoming an Indy 500 racer. Even with his super speed, though, Turbo will need a lot of courage. Mild action and thematic elements contribute to the PG rating.

"Red 2" opened with $18,500,000 in box office profits. Frank Moses is trying to put his dangerous days behind him. A man from his past tries to draw Frank back into the thick of things, but it's not until somebody dies that he reluctantly decides to offer his help. The scheme Frank uncovers is larger than anything he could have expected. The film's PG-13 rating is due to action and violence (including frenetic gunplay), language, and drug material.

"R.I.P.D." saw opening weekend profits of $12,760,000. After police officer Nick dies, he discovers that his crime-fighting skills are just as useful in death as they were during his life. Partnered up with the gruff Roy, Nick must learn the ropes as he tries to protect the living population from lingering spirits who are up to no good. The PG-13 rating is due to language (including mature references), sensuality, sci-fi fantasy action, and violence.

Continuing Films

"Despicable Me 2" maintained a strong presence at the box office, earning $25,100,000. Overall, the animated movie has brought in more than $276 million. Lucy Wilde has a tough job ahead of her. She must recruit Gru to help the Anti-Villain League track down a dangerous villain. Gru, however, just wants to spend time with his family. As she tries to persuade the reluctant ex-villain to work with her, Lucy unexpectedly finds herself developing feelings for him. The family-friendly movie has a PG rating for mild action and rude humor.

"Grown Ups 2" added $20 million to its total. Since its opening weekend, the comedy has seen profits of more than $79 million. Lenny has moved back home to be with his childhood friends, all of whom are now grown up with families of their own. While Lenny tries to fit in with the locals, all the friends have to deal with the bittersweet consequences of watching their kids grow up. The PG-13 rating is because of language, nudity, and crude and suggestive content.

"Pacific Rim" earned $15,955,000 during the weekend of July 19. Overall, the movie has earned more than $68 million. Raleigh Becket was once a great warrior in the fight for humanity, piloting a robot with his brother. But after a traumatizing accident took his brother's life, Raleigh stepped down and retired. Now, a military commander comes to ask Raleigh to return to the battle scene and work with a young and ambitious rookie. The PG-13 rating is due to intense sci-fi action and violence, as well as some language.

Movies to DVD

"Trance" arrives out on DVD and Blu-Ray on Tuesday, July 23. The dark thriller follows Simon, an art auctioneer who develops amnesia. Simon has to retrieve an invaluable painting, but he has no memory of where he hid it. With hostile forces pressuring him from all sides, Simon struggles to remember through hypnotherapy. The film has an R rating for graphic nudity, mature content, violence, grisly images, and language.

"Ginger & Rosa" focuses on the friendship between two young girls, coming of age in 1960s London. As the teens explore the landscape around them, they begin to grasp that the adult world hides unexpected dangers. While Ginger develops a political conscience, Rosa faces a personal dilemma that could change her world forever. The PG-13 rating is due to language and disturbing thematic material that involves teen choices, including drinking, mature content, and smoking.

"Welcome to the Punch" stars Mark Strong as Jacob, a reformed criminal who has successfully fled the consequences of his risky lifestyle. The only thing that brings him out of hiding is his son's cry for help. Jacob soon realizes that a detective is hot on his trail, but the true danger lies elsewhere. The film has an R rating for language and violence.