Sarah Michelle Gellar struggles with motherhood and career

April 21st, 2014

Sarah Michelle Gellar admits she often struggles to balance motherhood with her career.

The 'Crazy Ones' star, who has daughter Charlotte, four, and son Rocky, 18 months, with husband Freddy Prince Jr., finds it hard jugging her family life with her job but she wants to inspire his children to work hard.

She said: ''Look, it's hard work. We're usually on set by 6am and we try to wrap between 5 and 6 in the evening. I haven't been home to put my kids to bed in two nights.''

Asked how she has the energy to juggle everything, she said: ''I think every working mother would say the same thing - you find it. That's what we do. I have a job, and I think it's important to have balance. I hope to instil those values in my kids; nothing was given to us, and everything that we have is because Mommy and Daddy worked very hard for it.''

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty manages to avoid slaving in the kitchen for hours to prepare a meal for her family as her husband does all the cooking for her.

She said previously: ''I have my husband who is so incredibly hands-on. Thank God he can cook or I would probably never eat.

''We try to make [everything] a family thing, so we'll go to the farmer's market and Charlotte can pick out a piece of fish. And she and Freddie will go to the grill and she pretends to light her little grill.''