Daisy Lowe scared about first film role

August 4th, 2012

Daisy Lowe was ''s**t scared'' when she won her first film role.

The 23-year-old beauty - who has recently made the jump from model to actress in new movie 'Confine' - was not initially nervous when she auditioned because she had so little time to be, but upon getting the part found herself more on edge.

She said: ''In December, I had a call about a film, saying the actress had pulled out and would I meet the director the next day.

''I read the script that night. I didn't have time to get nervy about it, I felt really at ease in my audition. Until he said I'd got the part, then I became s**t scared!''

However, she was pleased her friend Alfie Allen - brother of singer Lily Allen - was also signed on to the film.

She added to InStyle magazine: ''We've been friends for years. When I first found out I thought, 'Wicked!' But when he came in, I'd already been on set for two and a half weeks and I'd got much more nervous when he was there, all my inhibitions came back. He told me not to be silly and by the end, it was fun.''