Bérénice Marlohe's Bond Girl has a 'dark side'

March 30th, 2012

Bérénice Marlohe's 'Skyfall' character has a ''dark side''.

The 32-year-old actress is portraying Séverine in the forthcoming James Bond film, and she has enjoyed portraying a Bond Girl because she feels it has allowed her to play a number of different alter-egos in one character.

Speaking in a video blog posted on 007.com, she said: ''The first time you see her, she has a dark side.

''I think there are a range of colours when playing a Bond girl, whether they are very nice or villainous or psychopaths so it is very interesting because you can try to create your own character based on that. I think is very particular to the James Bond movies.

''I was convinced that I could bring something interesting as an actress.''

Bérénice stars alongside Naomie Harris, who is portraying field agent Eve in the movie - which sees Daniel Craig reprise his role as James Bond - and the brunette beauty was excited to be taught how to use machine guns ahead of shooting the film.

Naomie explained: ''Eve is a field agent who is very capable. She sees herself as Bond's equal, she's not, but that's how she sees herself.

''I've always loved these films and I still can't believe I'm part of it. I've been training for two months, I've mainly been doing guns, machine guns and handguns. I'm so excited to be part of this whole journey.''