Helen Mirren: Playing Queen Elizabeth tougher than RED

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Released almost a decade after the event, The Queen gives viewers an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the interaction between HRM Elizabeth II and newly-elected Prime Minister Tony Blair following the death of Princess Diana. The two public figures struggle to reach a compromise on the right reaction to the tragedy, with the Queen preferring to treat it as a private loss for the royal family while Blair wishes to answer the public's demand for an overt display of mourning.
July 22nd, 2013

Dame Helen Mirren says playing Queen Elizabeth was ''much more work'' than playing Victoria in 'RED 2'.

The actress - who reprises her role as CIA agent-turned-pensioner Victoria in the action film - admits it was difficult portraying the British monarch in 'The Queen' because she's a living person and thus found it much easier to portray the gun-wielding femme fatale.

Quizzed which role she finds easier, she told BANG Showbiz: ''Oh gosh, probably Victoria. I'm not saying that I'm remotely alike; I'm not a CIA agent or an MI5 agent, but the queen is a very specific person living in a very specific world that I know nothing about, and can never come near. That was much more work.''

The 67-year-old screen icon can also relate to her character in the movie, feeling there is a parallel between the rambunctious Victoria - who refuses to retire from her secret spy career - and actors who continue acting in their senior years.

Speaking at the 'RED 2' European premiere at the Empire Cinema in London's Leicester Square today (22.07.13), she said: ''I think so, absolutely there's a parallel. It was very gratifying to play a character that you could identify with in that sense.''

Having played a secret agent in 'RED', Helen reveals she would love to be on the other side of the law by playing a villain in a James Bond film opposite Daniel Craig.

She added: ''I'd love to be a villain in a James Bond movie. But also I'd like to play Catherine the Great.''

Other stars who walked the red carpet included Helen's co-stars Helen Mirren and Mary Louise Parker, as well as David Haye and Katie Melua.