Daniel Radcliffe taking on comedy role

February 16th, 2011

Daniel Radcliffe is in talks to appear in 'The Amateur Photographer'.

The 'Harry Potter' actor - who has appeared in a number of plays since he finished filming for the franchise last year - is reportedly looking to extend his repertoire into the field of comedy by signing up to play the lead in Welsh screenwriter Christopher Monger's new movie.

If he signs up to the movie - which doesn't yet have a start date for filming- Daniel would play a young amateur photographer in a sleepy town in New England in the 1970s, who is drafted in by residents to capture their "most intimate moments" on camera. The 21-year-old actor - who has also starred in 'The Journey is the Destination' and 'The Woman in Black' following the completion of the 'Harry Potter' franchise - recently admitted he is hoping to change people's perceptions of him by choosing more diverse roles, even though he insists he is happy to be known for his work as the boy wizard.

He said: "I'm sure some people will see me forever as Harry Potter and I'm fine with that. There will be others that are willing to see me in different roles. And hopefully, if I keep choosing diverse and challenging stuff, people will let that image go."