Weekend Preview: What's New At the Box Office?

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July 19th, 2012

Weekend Preview: What's New At the Box Office?

-- New Releases

Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated film arrives in theaters on Friday, July 20th. “The Dark Knight Rises” is the third and final piece of the puzzle in Nolan’s critically acclaimed “Batman” trilogy. The thriller stars Christian Bale as the mysterious and tortured Bruce Wayne, leading a double life as a wealthy playboy and a caped crusader. After disturbing events, Bruce struggles with guilt and withdraws from Gotham City. Finally, however, something shakes Bruce from his limbo. Bane is one of the most powerful nemeses Gotham has ever seen, and it soon becomes clear that the terrorist could cause unspeakable damage. Batman will have to come out from hiding if he wants to redeem himself and save the city he loves. Anne Hathaway co-stars as the enigmatic Catwoman. “The Dark Knight Rises” has a PG-13 rating for sensuality, language and intense action sequences, including violence.

Controversial director Lauren Greenfield has audiences talking about her latest film. “The Queen of Versailles” follows David and Jackie Siegel, a couple who are living the wildest version of the American dream. The billionaires spend their money extravagantly, including plans for a massive home based on the Palace of Versailles. However, the economic crisis brings their indulgent plans to a halt. Before long it seems that the Siegels might lose their luxurious dream home. Even worse, they might lose everything they own and treasure. The compelling “riches to rags” documentary has a PG rating for language and thematic elements.

Continuing Films

“Ice Age: Continental Drift” is the fourth film in the family-friendly “Ice Age” series. Thanks to Manny’s rebellious daughter, his family life has not been too peachy lately. Soon after one of their fights, tragedy strikes and Manny ends up separated from his clan. Desperate to reunite and make amends, Manny recruits his friends Sid and Diego to help him find his family again. Along the way, they will have to deal with tornadoes, pirates and many more surprises. Mike Thurmeier and Steve Martino direct. The animated adventure has a PG rating for situations of peril, action sequences and rude humor.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” is the latest film from director Marc Webb. Young Peter Parker never really knew his parents, but he wonders about them every day. When he decides to explore the mystery behind their deaths, Peter ends up meeting a mysterious former colleague of his parents. Although he does not realize it at first, the secrets he is uncovering will shape Peter’s destiny in powerful ways. The PG-13 rating is due to violence and action sequences.

Seth McFarlane, the mind behind the irreverent TV series “Family Guy,” has directed a witty new comedy. “Ted” is all about the unusual but powerful friendship between a man and his walking, talking teddy bear. John does not want to abandon his oldest pal, but when Ted starts interfering with John’s adult life, the two buddies need to have a serious discussion. The only problem is, Ted is not comfortable discussing his feelings. “Ted” has an R rating for drug use, language and crude content.

Brenda Chapman, Steve Purcell and Mark Andrews direct “Brave.” Princess Merida is not too happy when she learns that various princes will be competing for her hand in marriage. Merida would much rather take place in the competitions herself. However, a rash choice changes everything, forcing Merida to learn the true meaning of being a good ruler and a loyal daughter. The PG rating is due to scary action sequences and some mild rude humor.

Oliver Stone’s “Savages” is a hard-hitting film about the dangers of the drug trade. Chon and Ben are two California-dwelling friends, making a living by selling marijuana. Their lives are violently disrupted by two women. One woman is Elena, the ruthless queen of a Mexican drug cartel. The other woman is Ophelia, Chon and Ben’s beautiful friend, who winds up becoming a pawn in a terrifying game of blackmail. The gritty thriller has an R rating for brutal violence, nudity, drug use, language and graphically mature content.

“Magic Mike” stars Channing Tatum as a construction worker who moonlights as a wildly successful male stripper. When he agrees to help a friend learn the ropes of the business, both men wind up caught in a spiral of fame, danger and intrigue. Steven Soderbergh helms the comedic drama, which has an R rating for nudity, language, drug use and mature content.

Multitalented comedian Tyler Perry directs and stars in “Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection.” After a Ponzi scheme goes terribly wrong, a fussy CFO and his family have to move in with Madea, a feisty Georgian matriarch. As the two families struggle to get along, plenty of hilarious misadventures occur. The PG-13 rating is due to crude and suggestive remarks and drug references.