David Duchovny keen to star in another X-Files movie

August 10th, 2012

David Duchovny wants to star in another 'X-Files' movie.

The 52-year-old actor - who reprised his role as Fox Mulder in two big screen adaptations of the sci-fi series in 1998's 'The X-Files: Fight the Future' and in 2008 movie 'The X-Files: I Want to Believe' - thinks there is plenty of scope to make a third instalment of the franchise and his co-stars would be keen, too.

He said: ''I would love to do another film, or more. I think we're all game for it.

''That book doesn't close until somebody dies, really. One of the greatnesses of the show was its open-endedness. It was about possibility. It wasn't about closure. It just couldn't be. There is no such thing as that story ever ending. Those characters are forever searching. That's what they do.

''Even if we're not watching them, they're out there, in some dimension. Mulder and Scully are still doing their thing 'cause that's their nature.''

But Fox don't appear to be quite as keen as David - who stars alongside his special agent sidekick Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) in the franchise - to make another 'X-Files' movie, and the actor thinks it's ''weird'' that the studio aren't enthusiastic about creating a follow up to 'The X-Files: I Want to Believe'.

He added to Collider.com: ''I'm kind of perplexed that Fox isn't more [enthusiastic]. Here's a homegrown property that you don't have to go buy, like f***in' 'Green Lantern' or something, to make it. Here you've got an actual action franchise that's your own. It's weird to me, but I'm not an executive.

''I don't know if they made the 'Green Lantern' either, but I'm just using that as an example of, 'Why make that film? Why not make a homegrown franchise that is excellent, and that has proven to be excellent and interesting?' I don't get it, but that's not my business.''