Jamie Bell heads to Retreat

August 13th, 2010

Jamie Bell has signed up to star in 'Retreat'.

The 'Billy Elliot' actor will appear alongside Thandie Newton and Cillian Murphy in the thriller, directed by writer Carl Tibbets.

The British-based film tells the story of a couple who head to a remote island to work on their marriage, only to later find a soldier in a biohazard suit who reports the rest of the world have been killed by an airborne virus.

However, the pair begins to suspect all is not as it seems.

As well as making his directorial debut, Carl Tibbets scripted the project, which will be produced by Gary Sinyor.

'Doctor Who' actor David Tennant was originally attached to the project, but it is not known if he is still involved in the film, which begins shooting in Wales in September.

Since making his movie debut in drama 'Billy Elliot' in 2000, Jamie has made a number of big budget movies including 'King Kong' and 'Defiance'.

He is currently working on 'The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn', in which he plays the titular hero.