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Set in a futuristic dystopia, a teenager seeks to break free from her homogeneous society that divides people based on human traits. She leaves her faction and joins a rival group, where she falls for an older man.

Divergent Reviews

2014-03-20 17:30

Rating: PG-13
Length: 139 minutes
Release Date: March 21, 2014
Directed by: Neil Burger...

2014-03-19 14:31

It’s amazing that something called “Divergent” could feel so un-unique. Both painfully dull and perplexing...

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Ansel Elgort isn't sure if he's the right actor to play Spider-Man. The 21-year-old star, who is known for appearing as Caleb Prior in 'Divergent' and Augustus Waters in 'The...
Zoe Kravitz developed a fear of heights on the set of 'Insurgent'. The 'Divergent' actress has revealed that while she coped with jumping around apocalyptic rooftops in the first...
Shailene Woodley started a ''push-up club'' on the set of 'Insurgent'. The 23-year-old actress found the best way to stay energised on the set of the sequel was to do short bursts...
Kate Winslet thinks her clothes make her 'Insurgent' character ''cattier and nastier''. The 39-year-old actress reprises her role as Jeanine in the sequel to dystopian thriller '...

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