Box Office Recap: What Happened over the Weekend?

Photo Credit: The Weinstein Company
December 31st, 2012

Box Office Recap: What Happened over the Weekend?

-- Since its release on December 25, “Django Unchained” has brought in over $64 million in box office profits. During the holiday weekend, the film earned $30,688,000. Jamie Foxx stars as Django, a former slave who is now a lethal bounty hunter. His wife, Broomhilda, is still at the mercy of a plantation owner, and Django makes it his life goal to free her at any cost. Quentin Tarantino’s gritty Western has an R rating for graphic violence, language, nudity, and a vicious fight.

During the weekend of December 28, “Les Misérables” earned $28,027,000. Combined with profits from its Christmas Day opening, the musical drama has now earned over $67 million. Ex-convict Jean Valjean tries to outsmart Javert, a relentless policeman with a taste for vengeance. Valjean struggles to keep his freedom and protect the ones he loves. The PG-13 rating is due to suggestive material, mature content, thematic elements, and violence.

“Parental Guidance” brought in $14,800,000 during the weekend, contributing to overall earnings of more than $29 million. When a grandfather with old-fashioned ideas about childrearing agrees to babysit his spoiled grandkids, chaos ensues. Artie and his wife decide to return to traditions, but the grandchildren are not going to give in without a fight. The family-friendly PG rating is due to some rude humor.

Continuing Films

“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” continued to draw holiday audiences to the theaters, landing in first place during the weekend of December 28. The film brought in more than $32 million, with overall profits of over $222 million. Bilbo Baggins is perfectly content to spend his life in the Shire, leading a quiet existence. However, when adventure comes knocking at his door, Bilbo surprises himself by deciding to head out on a dangerous quest. The PG-13 rating is due to frightening images and extended sequences of violence and action.

“Jack Reacher” landed in fifth spot in overall box office rankings, with earnings of $14,010,000. Total profits now reach more than $44 million. In the wake of an attack that leaves several civilians dead, a military sniper is on trial. Only one man can clear his good name and bring the true killer to justice, but that man might not be willing to play along. “Jack Reacher” has a PG-13 rating for drug material, language, and violence.

“This is 40” added weekend earnings of $13,186,000 to its overall profits of more than $37 million. Debbie’s birthday is not a happy occasion this year, since she is turning forty years old and worries that her husband is longer interested in her. The two will have to make some changes if they want their marriage to survive. The R rating is due to mature content, crude humor, drug material, and language.

“Lincoln” brought in $7,509,000, with total earnings of more than $132 million. Abraham Lincoln desperately wants to pass an amendment that will change the nation for the better, but time is running out. The president must use all his political savvy to bring the United States to greatness. The PG-13 rating is due to war violence, carnage, and language.

“The Guilt Trip” earned $6,700,000 over the weekend of December 28. During two weeks in theaters, the comedy has earned $21,199,614. When Andy decides to follow a lifelong dream of professional success and take a cross-country road trip, his irrepressible mother comes along for the ride. The trip could change both their lives, but it could also drive the mother and son apart. The PG-13 rating is due to risqué material and language.

Movies to DVD

“Looper” arrives out on DVD and Blu-Ray on Monday, December 31. During the year 2044, Joe works as a hired gun. His bosses send him targets from the future, making it easier to dispose of the evidence. Joe tries not to think too deeply about the implications of his job, until one day his bosses send him an unexpected target: his future self. The clever sci-fi flick has an R rating for mature content, nudity, drug content, language, and violence.

David Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis” is available on DVD and Blu-Ray on Tuesday, January 1. Robert Pattinson stars as a young billionaire whose wealth cannot buy him happiness or security. As his life unravels, the young man reacts in increasingly unpredictable and dangerous ways. The gritty film’s R rating is due to mature content, graphic nudity, violence, and language.

“Little Birds” follows Lily and Alison, two young friends who dream of a better life. When they decide to escape from their small town and head out for the glamour of Los Angeles, they have no idea how many difficult life lessons await them in the City of Angels. The R rating is due to language, violence, nudity, mature content, and drug and alcohol use, all involving teens.