It's Almost the Weekend! Lots to See at the Box Office

Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment
April 10th, 2014

"Rio 2" arrives in theaters on Friday, April 11. Blu and Jewel are a happy couple, with three little macaws to round out their family. When they journey to the Amazon rainforest to see if they can find more Spix's macaws, the family of birds runs into an old rival, reigniting a whole bunch of trouble. The animated film has a G rating. Carlos Saldanha directs.

"Draft Day" is a sports drama from Ivan Reitman. As the general manager of the struggling Cleveland Browns, Sonny Weaver's intimidating task is to make draft day truly count. With tensions running high and fans monitoring every move, Sonny has to think on his feet and weigh his own instincts against conflicting opinions. "Draft Day" has a PG-13 rating for mature references and brief strong language.

"Oculus" traces the tragedy that left Tim and Kaylie orphaned. Tim is finally out of an institution after the murder of his father. His older sister has had plenty of time to research the bloody events that took place. She believes an ominous mirror holds the truth. The horror movie has an R rating for brief language, disturbing images, terror and violence. Mike Flanagan directs.

"Only Lovers Left Alive" comes to limited theaters on April 4. Jim Jarmusch helms the romance. Adam has been alive for centuries, leaving him pessimistic and withdrawn. Most humans only know Adam as a rock star, but the truth is that the vampire feeds on blood donations. Soon, his wife's wild younger sister threatens Adam's reclusive existence. Brief nudity and language contribute to an R rating.

"Joe" stars Nicolas Cage as a hardened man with a dark past. Making a living for himself in a rural Southern town, Joe finds his life changing when he crosses paths with a teenage boy. The abused teen and Joe form a protective friendship, eventually leading to trouble. The R rating is due to disturbing material, violence, language and strong mature content. David Gordon Green directs.

In "Hateship Loveship," quiet Johanna accepts a job as a caretaker for an elderly man. When the man's granddaughter pulls a prank that makes Johanna believe she has a shot at love, Johanna begins to come out of her shell. After she learns the truth, the caretaker must find her inner courage. Drug use, mature content and language contribute to the R rating. Liza Johnson directs.

"The Railway Man" is a story of redemption and revenge. During World War II, Eric Lomax's experiences in a Japanese labor camp leave him wounded and traumatized. Years after regaining his freedom and finding love, Eric has the unexpected chance to confront the man who caused him so much agony. The R rating is due to disturbing prisoner of war violence. Jonathan Teplitzky directs.

"Cuban Fury" is a quirky romantic comedy from James Griffiths. Once upon a time, Bruce thought his talent for salsa dancing would take him all the way to the top. As an adult, though, a past incident has turned Bruce into an unhappy slacker. It will take salsa dancing to reawaken his fire. "Cuban Fury" has an R rating for language and mature references.

Continuing Films

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" stars Chris Evans as Steve Rogers, otherwise known as Captain America. Anthony and Joe Russo direct the continuing adventures of the superhero. Years after the battle in New York, Rogers is still coming to terms with his new role at S.H.I.E.L.D. When a dangerous enemy targets Nick Fury, Rogers seeks vengeance. The PG-13 rating is due to intense sequences of gun play, action and violence.

"Noah" stars Russell Crowe as the one man who plans to survive the destruction of humanity. The visionary attempts to build an immense Ark that will be able to withstand even the most damaging flood waters. Time is rapidly running out, however, and his enemies make his work difficult. "Noah" has a PG-13 rating for violence, disturbing images and brief suggestive content. Darren Aronofsky directs.

"Divergent" follows Tris, a young woman from an Abnegation family who must undergo a test to figure out which societal faction she'll call home. When she discovers that she possesses qualities from several different groups, Tris makes the decision to hide this dangerous information from those in power. Neil Burger directs "Divergent," which has a PG-13 rating for sensuality, thematic elements and intense violence and action.

In "God's Not Dead," Professor Radisson challenges his students to accept that God is dead. When one student quietly refuses to go against his faith, the professor compels Josh to prove that God is real. Now, with all eyes on him, Josh must save his grades and stand for his beliefs. The movie has a PG rating for an accident scene, brief violence and thematic material. Harold Cronk directs.