Kevin Costner risked house to make films

April 8th, 2014

Kevin Costner put his house ''at risk'' to make movies.

The 'Draft Day' actor claims there has been times where he risked his financial security in order to take on the kinds of roles he wanted to play throughout his career, because it has always been important to him to follow his ''instincts'' and strive to succeed in life.

The 59-year-old hunk told ''I've never been afraid of things not working. I think it's an underrated experience in life.

''It's the convention of knowing what you want to do. I have instinctively thought I could do things in my life, and I followed that up by sometimes putting everything I have at risk - my money, my house - to make a movie.''

Kevin claims he used instinct to pursue his latest project, 'Black and White' - which documents the issue of discussing racism in America - and thinks it's testament to his determination because studios were initially unwilling to take on the drama.

He added: ''I just did it again with 'Black and White' ... [the film is] a rock that I have to push uphill just to make it. Nobody really wanted to make it. It's my hope that you'll all see it. It's my hope that it becomes as important as 'Field of Dreams' or 'Dances with Wolves'.''