Drew Barrymore's freezing shoot

February 2nd, 2012

Drew Barrymore was so cold while filming her new movie 'Big Miracle' that her face looked like she had ''20 years of Botox''.

The 36-year-old actress shot the environmental drama, which tells the story of a family of whales trapped by rapidly forming ice in the Arctic Circle and the small Alaskan community who fight to save them, in Alaska and revealed jumping into the water for one scene caused her face to become frozen.

Speaking on ITV1 show 'Daybreak', she said: ''It was cold, I am not going to lie, it was cold. But it was fun - the scene after I get out of the water, I didn't really explain it to anyone but I look like I have had about 20 years of Botox because my face is so frozen...Every time I watch that scene I am like, 'Oh my God.'''

''My face was so frozen that I can barely get my lines out! It is so weird, I was trying to explain that I couldn't move my face.''

Drew's co-star John Kraskinski - who plays her small-town news reporter ex-boyfriend Adam Carlson who breaks the story of the whales - added: ''There was just drool coming out of your mouth.''