Best DVDs for Father's Day Gifts

Photo Credit: New Line Cinema
June 15th, 2012

Best DVDs for Father's Day Gifts

-- It can be difficult to find a gift when Father's Day rolls around each year, particularly if your dad has everything. DVDs make great gifts because they can be viewed over and over. Dads can watch them at home or take them on the road when they travel for work. When it comes to choosing a DVD for a Father's Day gift, it is important to take into consideration your father's interests, lifestyle and viewing preferences.


For many dads, the pressures of family and work can be overwhelming, particularly in a tough economy. Input from bosses, tight deadlines and demanding clients cause a great deal of stress.The responsibility of raising a healthy family can also be overwhelming at times, even for the most dedicated dads. If you're selecting a DVD for an overburdened father, remember that comedy movies can provide much-needed relief.

Goofy, slapstick comedy films can help relieve stress for dads who need a mental break from the everyday pressures of life. Classic comedies like "Dumb and Dumber," "Animal House" and "Airplane!" bring fathers back to their college days, giving them the chance to relax without the need to analyze or think deeply to follow the plot line. Instead, they can focus solely on the actors' ridiculous antics and physical comedy.

DVDs with a more complex plot line make effective gifts for fathers who enjoy intellectual comedies. "Burn After Reading" is a contemporary option, while "Amelie" is ideal for dads who are interested in French culture. For lovers of classic movies, "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" is a surefire winner.


Many fathers find that their lives change a lot after they have a family. They go from adventurous single men to more responsible family men. Some dads manage to hold onto their adrenaline-loving sides, while others let those sides go in favor of safer pursuits. For both groups, action DVDs can be a way to explore their adventurous interests.

Dads who enjoy in dramatic but unique action sequences will be pleased with DVDs that move beyond the traditional car chases. "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "The Matrix" offer high thrills and fast-paced adventures in creative settings. Dads who love fantasy will enjoy the movies in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy-particularly the extended versions with extra footage. The original "Star Wars" movies will make great gifts for George Lucas fans.

For men who love the standard shoot-'em-up action movie formula, a high-energy DVD is a wonderful option. The "Die Hard" movies are classics that offer an abundance of car chases and creative fight scenes. Other no-fail action DVD options include the "Terminator" movies, "Aliens," "Speed," and "The Bourne Ultimatum."

TV Series

For fathers who don't have a great deal of free time, DVDs of television series can make great gifts. Most TV shows are between 20 and 60 minutes long, so they require only a short investment of time. They are easy to watch while on a layover in an airport or in the evening before bed. Dads can slip the DVDs in their briefcases to watch during train commutes to work or in hotel rooms on business trips.

A DVD of a favorite TV show makes a great gift that can be watched over and over. DVDs of discontinued older shows make particularly effective gifts, bringing a sense of nostalgia and offering the chance to watch an old favorite. "Cheers" provides gentle comedy, while "The Twilight Zone" is campy and fun. Other options include "The Odd Couple," "The Honeymooners," and "I Love Lucy."

For dads who are more interested in contemporary shows, most television series release DVDs in the year following the season wrap-up. "The Sopranos" is a hard-hitting drama that will delight action-loving dads, while "Mad Men" provides an interesting look into past decades. "Babylon 5" is an entertaining show for science fiction lovers, and "Deadwood" gives a harsh portrayal of life in the Old West. Box sets provide the most entertainment value, giving fathers the chance to catch up on multiple seasons at once.

With the wide selection of movies and television shows available on DVD, there is something for every taste and genre preference. The most meaningful options will take your father's life and interests into account. The right DVD will be a Father's Day gift that leads to hours of entertainment for dads of all ages. If you pick a movie or TV show that you enjoy as well, it will also give you an excuse to spend some time with your father enjoying a new adventure or an old favorite together.