Dwayne Johnson wants Expendables 2 role

November 17th, 2010

Dwayne Johnson wants to star in 'The Expendables 2'.

The muscular actor - best known for his action roles in 'The Scorpion King' and 'Doom' - would like to star in the follow up to the hugely successful Sylvester Stallone project 'The Expendables', but only if the script was good enough.

He said: "It all depends on the material. I've known Sly for a long time now and he's a buddy of mine so it all depends on the material."

Despite his hard-man image, the former professional wrestler claims he is grounded and prefers to be "nice" than come across as "self-absorbed".

He said: "Not only do I think being nice and kind easy but being kind, in my opinion, is important. It's easy to be a bad ass, it's easy to act like a bad ass, easy to act like a tough guy, it's easy to be a diva, and it's easy to be self absorbed. I always just find it more important to be nice and kind."