Jared Harris: 'I think it's important to scare yourself'

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April 28th, 2014

Jared Harris wants to take on roles which ''scare'' himself.

The 'Quiet Ones' actor - who stars opposite Sam Claflin and Olivia Cooke in the horror film - believes it's important to take on a variety of parts because it will help him develop professionally if he steps outside of his comfort zone.

He told collider.com: ''I like auditioning, it's important to keep auditioning. Generally speaking if you're auditioning for something, you're auditioning for a role that people can't see you in and you need to convince them that you're the right person. If you only take parts that are offered to you, you end up playing the same roles over and over again. I think it's important to keep auditioning. I think it's important to scare yourself, to take parts that are outside of your comfort zone. That's sort of been my MO for my whole career. I keep trying to change it up.''

Harris insists the ratio of auditions and success when auditioning doesn't change.

He added: ''The last time I auditioned, I auditioned with Spielberg for the 'Lincoln' movie. I audition for stuff all the time, and what's weird about it is that one's success rate at auditioning doesn't really change. It's sort of at the same ratio of stuff you audition for to things you land.''