Bradley Cooper: 'Thailand was indifferent to filming'

June 1st, 2011

Bradley Cooper found people were "indifferent" to him while he recorded 'The Hangover 2' in Thailand.

The 'Limitless' actor filmed the movie alongside Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis, and although everyone was pleasant, very few cared he was a famous Hollywood name.

He said: "In my experience, they welcome everybody. It's a very sort of pleasant atmosphere amongst the Buddhist culture, even though it's almost half Muslim.

"But the pageantry, the way one greets another is very friendly. They were completely indifferent to our existence, in terms of the industry we were in or making a movie. So that was kind of wonderful."

The 36-year-old hunk is hopeful a third movie will be made in the Todd Phillips-directed franchise, but is unsure if it will definitely happen.

He added to Australia's Nine to Five newspaper: "I think we'll just wait to see what happens with the second one and not get ahead of ourselves. Hopefully people like it. But you know right now what we're focused on is getting the second one out there and hopefully people will enjoy it."