Hangover 3 'would be the last'

May 19th, 2011

Todd Phillips has always envisioned 'The Hangover' movies as a trilogy.

The director is getting ready for the release of the second film in the series - which follows a group of friends who head to Thailand for a wedding which gets out of hand - and although Todd hasn't spoken to the cast about a new movie, he admitted he would like to wrap it up with a third film.

However, Todd warned a third film would be very different to the first two which star Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha.

He said: "If we were to do a third one, and quite honestly we really haven't talked about it. If we were to do a third one, if the audience ... if the desire was there.I think we have a clear idea where that would head and it's certainly not in the same template you've seen these movies and obviously we always envisioned it as a trilogy as you can imagine, the third would very much a finale and an ending.

"The most I could say about it and I haven't discussed it with these actors is that it is not following that template but very much a new idea. As far as where it takes place. I'm very open like the Olympic committee to being pitched and presented cities. Flown around with wine and women and bribed and then I will make my decision."

However, the actors may not be too happy with his plans as Bradley has previously revealed he was delighted they followed a similar structure on the second movie.

He said: "The sequel can't be, 'Let's make a movie that has a completely different story but it won't matter because people love seeing those guys together.'

"I don't believe that - when you look at sequels that don't work in comedy, it's when they abandon the formula. I was very happy that there was a structure - a ticking clock, a missing night."