The Life and Career of Emily Blunt

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Tom Cruise stars as Lt. Col. Bill Cage, a soldier, in a war with aliens, who finds himself trapped in a time-loop of the same day over and over. As he relives the day his skills get better and better. “The Edge of Tomorrow” is directed by Doug Liman.
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June 5th, 2014

The Beatles, The Who and the Rolling Stones invasion of America in the 1960s helped cause a cultural revolution that paved the way for British musicians, who have been a part of the pop culture landscape ever since. The same couldn't always be said of British actors. That has begun to change, though, as the 2000s brought a slew of English thespians stateside. One of the British actors now in Hollywood is Emily Blunt.

Born Emily Olivia Leah Blunt in London, England, on Feb. 23, 1983, to Joanna, a former actor who became a teacher, and Oliver Simon Peter Blunt, a famous and moneyed lawyer, Blunt is the second of four children, one of whom, Sebastian, is also an actor. One of her sisters, Felicity, is a literary agent married to actor Stanley Tucci. It was Blunt herself who introduced the pair after having met and befriended Tucci on the set of their hit movie, "The Devil Wears Prada," in 2006.
Education was a big part of Blunt's childhood, since her father could afford to send her to some of the best schools in the United Kingdom. She attended Ibstock Place School, where she received a top-notch education while she battled a stutter that affected her for seven years. It wasn't until a teacher handed her a script and asked her to act out one of the parts in a northern accent that the stutter disappeared, fueling Blunt's love of acting. She would go on to attend school at the prestigious Hurtwood House, where she completed a two-year theater course. She soon signed with an agent and began working in the theater, taking parts in several period dramas.
Blunt branched out into television, getting small parts and supporting roles in several BBC dramas. She worked steadily in smaller roles from 2000 through 2006, when she finally got her breakout role in "The Devil Wears Prada" opposite Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. Blunt played the sarcastic fashionista assistant to Streep's strict, sadistic magazine editor. Though Blunt had only a supporting part, she stole nearly every scene she was in, gaining the attention of many Hollywood casting directors.
As Blunt's career took off, so did her private life. The year before her big break into Hollywood she met singer Michael Bublé while making an appearance in Australia. The two fell in love and bought a house in his native Canada, where she soon moved to be with him. As the couple settled into domestic life and wedding rumors swirled, Blunt continued to take on bigger roles, working her way up to leading lady status.
In 2008, just as Blunt signed on for her first big lead, in "The Young Victoria," her three-year relationship with Bublé came to an end. She wasn't single for long, as she met "The Office" star John Krasinski later that year. The two began dating and were soon inseparable, and they became engaged a year later. They married in 2010 in Italy.
While Blunt was settling into married life, her career continued to blossom. In 2010, she had sizable roles in "The Wolfman" and "Gulliver's Travels." In 2011, she appeared in a whopping five films, including "The Adjustment Bureau" with Matt Damon and with Jim Carrey in "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen," for which she received her second Golden Globe nomination. The following year, she appeared in "Looper." Also in 2012, Blunt took the lead opposite Jason Segel in the romantic comedy "The Five-Year Engagement," which marked the third time the pair worked together, after "The Muppets" and "Gulliver's Travels."
Blunt and Krasinski's first child, a girl they named Hazel, was born in Feb. 2014. Along with the role of mother, Blunt took voice-only parts in "The House of Magic" and the English version of "The Wind Rises." In 2014, she will flex her action film muscles for the first time, starring opposite Tom Cruise in the much-anticipated sci-fi flick "The Edge of Tomorrow." Later in the year, she will be seen with her "The Devil Wears Prada" co-star Streep in "Into the Woods," a live-action take on several children's stories.

Blunt continues to find work in big projects, and she has already been announced for "Sicaro," a crime drama to be released in 2015 co-starring Benicio Del Toro. With several comedies, dramas and now sci-fi and action films on her resume, Blunt has shown that she can handle almost any genre of film, which means that her career likely will continue to thrive for years to come.