Interview with Elina Madison from HUFF

Photo Credit: Photo by Julianne Gentry
May 2nd, 2012

Elina Madison, also know as the queen of scream, stars in the new thriller Huff with Charlie O'Connell and the audiene at the Texas Frightmare Festival this weekend will be the first to check it out. Elina was nice enough to sit down and answer a few questions we had about HUFF and her extensive career. 

Movie Room Reviews:  Good day Elina and thanks for taking the time to speak with us here at Movie Room Reviews. I am sure you are getting pretty excited right now as your new movie HUFF is only a few days away from screening at the Texas Frightmare Festival. Only five films were selected for the festival so I bet you feel pretty good about that!

Elina:  Thank you! I am thrilled to be part of such a fun festival!

MRR:  First off, can you tell us about HUFF and when will all the horror film enthusiasts out there will be able to see it?

Elina:  HUFF is a twisted adaptation of the classic tale of The Three Little Pigs. HUFF is my character Lorelei's husband and we have three daughters and the wolf (HUFF) is essentially blowing out the three pigs (being our three daughters) in every ugly and maniacal way possible with many other crazy turns along the way. The film is screening at the Frightmare Festival in Dallas Texas, Saturday, May 5 at 6pm.

MRR:  You play Lorelei, the wife of Huff who is played by Charlie O’Connell. Tell us all about your role and working with Charlie.

Elina:  My role is Lorelei and she is desperate, self absorbed and in complete denial with what is going in her life. She is clinging to a horrible marriage and her daughters are being abused at the hands of HUFF played by Charlie O'Connell. Lorelei does come to her senses a little too late. Charlie is great to work with. HUFF is a completely different character to who Charlie is. Charlie is the nicest person and kind of shy! although with the performance he gives in HUFF you would never know this so there is some inside information for everyone. He did a great job.

MRR:  Do you feel that this role was as challenging for you as some of your previous work?

Elina:  Lorelei was a challenge on so many levels. I had to go to a dark place emotionally to be in the reality of what is happening to my little girls. It was hard to put myself in the position to watch the abuse going on in my home and doing nothing about it and being so self absorbed and in denial. It's completely opposite of what my natural inclination of what to do is.

MRR:  I can’t even imagine the amount energy it would take to play a psychotic character like HUFF. What does an actor or actress have to do to get ready to shoot these kinds of scenes?

Elina:  For me I have to prepare before I get to set. I do various techniques to get to the emotional place, there are so many varying degrees it depends on what is going on in the scene. Once I get to set if it's a big scene with a lot of pain or anger I keep to myself and have to have a moment right before we shoot. I am not one who can joke around and be laughing and five minutes later shoot a heavy scene.

MRR:  Director of HUFF, Paul Morrell, is no stranger to the horror genre and has had some big films come out in the last couple years. When working on a movie like this, how much faith do have to put in the directors hands?

Elina:  With Paul it was easy to put my faith in him, he is a good director, he knows what he wants and is willing to discuss and go over what the scene requires to work and still gives us actors plenty of room to bring our ideas to the scene and character.

MRR:  Without sound and video effects on the set, is it hard to tell if your performance was good enough?

Elina:  It depends on what the effects are suppose to be. If its some big monster in the room and you are talking to a green screen it can be challenging but for smaller effects I have a pretty good imagination.

MRR:   Now that you are pretty well established in the world of making horror movies, do you find it hard to be scared by watching them? What type of horror film would scare you the most?

Elina:  Psychological horror films are the scariest for me. Characters that are truly evil and twisted and come across normal and nice.

MRR:  You’re acting career took off in 1996 and in that time you have managed to be on dozens of TV shows and in over 60 films including Barracuda, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Mulholland Dr. What inspired you to become an actor?

Elina:  Watching movies as a child up until today I get lost in them and walk out inspired or disturbed or just had a good laugh. I love that! it made me want to be a part of it to have that effect on an audience.

MRR:  Did you study film?

Elina:  I graduated a two year theater training program at the Joanne Baron/DW Brown acting studio. DW was my teacher and he is amazing! I also went to the Groundlings comedy improv

MRR:  Can you tell our readers a little bit about your life off camera? What does the famous “Queen of Scream” do when she isn’t covered in blood or about to be killed by a psycho?

Elina:  I live in Los Angeles and do plenty of driving to auditions. I have a five year old daughter that keeps me busy as well. She also keeps me very grounded so when I am home from these crazy sets she brings me right back into the real world in the best senses of the word. I adore her.

MRR:  You seem to be having a great year and along with the release of HUFF, you also have another movie coming out on Halloween, can you tell us about that and where our readers can go to keep up with what you are up to?

Elina:  Halloween Party is coming out Halloween 2012 and I am shooting a TV series called Blood Relatives and I just signed on to play Draculas wife in Creep Creepersins Dracula. I have a website where all the updates will be posted at -I am also on Twiiter @elinamadison and facebook. Thank you!!