Elizabeth Banks' 'tortured' alter-ego

February 20th, 2012

Elizabeth Banks wanted her character in 'The Hunger Games' to be ''tortured'' by her clothing.

The 38-year-old actress - who plays Effie Trinket, a woman who originates from the fictional Capitol region but organises 'tributes' for a rival district, in the sci-fi action drama - was involved in designing her alter-ego's costumes, which are all deliberately ''uncomfortable''.

She said: ''Everything you see on Effie is purposeful, nothing is whimsical. As an ambassador for the Capitol I wanted to make it clear Effie is oppressed, so all her clothes are constricting, corseted uncomfortable.

''And I wear crazy shoes that you would never be able to spend a 12-hour day in - I wanted her to be tortured by her clothes.''

As well as her tight clothing, Elizabeth went through the pain barrier by sandpapering her skin and adding latex to make it look like her character had been under the knife for lots of plastic surgery.

She added to Total Film magazine: ''We sandpapered my skin. We wanted to show that Effie has a cracked veneer, that perfection doesn't exist in the Capitol - it's actually become hideous.

''We layered latex and used tricks of the camera and the lighting. I like to say I was a little fearless, definitely.''