Days Of Future Past was a 'final goodbye' for original actors

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As the third installment of the X-Men series opens, the world has entered a relatively peaceful period for mutants. There's a mutant-tolerant president of the United States, a blue furry mutant named Beast (Kelsey Grammer) heading up the Department of Mutant Affairs, and Magneto's shape-shifting femme fatale, Mystique, has been captured. The tranquility is shattered when Worthington Laboratories, using a powerful mutant boy, develops a serum that eliminates the "mutant X gene" permanently.
May 27th, 2014

'X-Men Days Of Future Past' was a ''final goodbye'' for the original actors.

Screenwriter Simon Kinberg insists the latest installment of the Marvel adventure, which stars Sir Patrick Stewart as the older Charles Xavier who he first played in the original 'X-Men' trilogy, Sir Ian McKellen as the villain Magneto and Shawn Ashmore as Iceman, was the final wave to these actors portrayals of the iconic characters.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, he said: ''We approached it as a final goodbye for the original actors. But to be totally candid, that's the way I approached X-Men: The Last Stand. If you talked to me in 2006 and said, 'Do you think we'll ever see Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier again? Do you think we'll see Ian and Halle and Ellen Page and Shawn Ashmore back on screen together?' I most likely would have said no, and certainly in the case of Patrick Stewart I would have said no way.''

Although in some ways he'll miss McKellen, Ashmore and Stewart's unique take on the comic book characters the film acted as a conclusion to their story.

He added: ''There's some part of our brains that hopes we will see them again, but we wanted to tell a story that felt like it was a conclusion to their stories.''