"Elysium," "We're the Millers," "Planes" and Many More This Weekend!

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August 8th, 2013

"Elysium," "We're the Millers," "Lovelace," "Planes" and Many More This Weekend!

"Elysium" arrives out in theaters on Friday, August 9. It's the year 2154, and humanity falls into two camps. The humans left on Earth struggle to survive on the planet's ruined resources. The wealthy outliers, meanwhile, live in a luxurious space station. Max is the one man who attempts to close the gap, but the price for failure may be his life. Neill Blomkamp's sci-fi action film has an R rating for language and strong bloody violence.

"Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" arrived in theaters on Wednesday, August 7. Camp Half-Blood is in trouble. Only one thing can save the camp, but it's not an easy solution. Percy Jackson and his three closest friends decide to head to the Sea of Monsters and retrieve the Golden Fleece. The teens will do anything it takes to rescue their safe haven. The family-friendly fantasy movie has a PG rating for mild language, scary images, and fantasy action violence. Thor Freudenthal directs.

"We're the Millers" came to theaters on August 7. Rawson Marshall Thurber directs the raunchy comedy about a drug peddler who transforms into a family man. If David smuggles drugs over the border, he'll become a rich man. But he needs a wholesome front to fool the authorities. Enter reluctant actors who stand in as the wife and kids David never had. Nudity, crude content, pervasive language, and drug material contribute to an R rating.

"Planes" will zoom into theaters on August 9. Set in the same universe as "Cars" (2006), this Disney film follows Dusty Crophopper, a little plane with big problems. Dusty is terrified of heights, meaning that his dreams of becoming a great aerial racer will probably never come true. However, his pal Skipper is there to help Dusty spread his wings and fly. Klay Hall's animated movie has a PG rating for mild action and rude humor.

"Prince Avalanche" opens in select theaters this weekend. The year is 1988. Lance and Alvin are two highway workers who end up stranded together in a remote landscape. Without the distractions of civilization, the men slowly become friends, cut loose, and face the problems back home that they have not yet had the courage to deal with. The R rating is due to mature content. David Gordon Green directs.

"Lovelace" is a biopic about actress Linda Lovelace, directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman. Though she may not be as famous as her contemporaries, Lovelace was a revolutionary in the adult film industry. However, behind the scenes, her life was anything but glamorous. Her manipulative husband and the unforgiving industry failed Lovelace, leading to tragedy. The biopic has an R rating for strong mature content, nudity, language, drug use, and domestic violence.

Lake Bell directs and stars in "In A World" Carol was born into a world where strong voices rule. Her father, famous for his movie trailer voice-over work, discourages Carol from following her true ambitions. When Carol gets fed up with the sexism of the movie industry and the low expectations of her father, she shocks the world by speaking out. The R rating is due to language, including mature references.

Continuing Films

"2 Guns" is a new action comedy from Baltasar Kormakur. Bobby and Stig have a lot in common. Both men are secretly working undercover. Both men have put their trust in the wrong people. And, eventually, both of them will realize that they need to trust each other if they are going to survive. "2 Guns" has an R rating for violence, nudity, and language.

In "The Wolverine," the gruff warrior heads to Japan to meet with a mysterious and powerful man from his past. What seems to be a simple quest turns into something much darker, and Wolverine will have to rely on help from new allies if he wants to escape unscathed. The PG-13 rating is for intense sci-fi action and violence, mature content, and language. James Mangold directs.

"The Smurfs 2" tracks Gargamel's attempts to steal the Smurfs' secrets. After cooking up some minions to do his evil bidding, Gargamel sets his sights on Smurfette, kidnapping her and bringing her to Paris. Now, it's up to the other Smurfs to figure out Gargamels' scheme and rescue Smurfette, before it is too late. Rude humor and action contribute to a PG rating. Raja Gosnell directs.

In "The Conjuring," a pair of paranormal investigators set out to tackle the toughest and most terrifying job of their lives. A Rhode Island farmhouse is the site of supernatural hostility, and the family living in the farmhouse is desperate for some kind of peace. As the investigators dig into the past, they discover a greater darkness than they expected. James Wan's horror movie has an R rating for disturbing terror and violence.