'Imposter' Emily Blunt

August 7th, 2010

Emily Blunt felt like there was an "imposter" living inside her when she had a stutter.

The 'Devil Wears Prada' star - who developed a speech impediment at the age of seven - revealed that even though she has since overcome the condition, she sometimes struggles to even say her own name.

She said: "It was awful, absolutely awful. You feel like there's an imposter living inside of you who is misrepresenting who you really are. You don't want to be accepted for being that person but at the same time you do, and you don't want someone to finish your sentences, yet you breathe a sigh of relief when someone does.

"It's very common for stutterers to not be able to say their own name, and when someone asks who's calling, I'll be like 'F**k!' "

The actress - who won a Golden Globe award for her role in 'Gideon's Daughter' - revealed despite achieving critical acclaim, there are still other female actresses she looks up to and admires.

She explained: "Cate Blanchett is wonderful. Rachel Weisz is delicious. And Meryl Streep, of course. She's such a free spirit, so intuitive, she's got balls, and she manages to maintain a mystique and a wonderful sense of humour.

"She's someone who I admire not only for what she can do - that's a given - but for who she is."