Matt Damon fearless against Zoo bees

January 19th, 2012

Matt Damon ''wasn't scared'' when he had to be covered in bees while shooting 'We Bought a Zoo'.

The 'Bourne' actor - who stars alongside Scarlett Johansson in the Cameron Crowe-directed feature - was not nervous until he had to come face-to-face with a tiger.

He said: ''They took these cages that were full of bees and they dumped them on me. It feels like somebody's pouring mud on you. It was really quite scary at all. Tigers - that, was terrifying.''

Although a departure from his usual action movies, including the recent 'Adjustment Bureau' with Emily Blunt, Matt admits he was keen to get on board because Cameron - who has previously directed 'Vanilla Sky' and 'Elizabethtown' wanted to put something happy into the world.

He added to Total Film magazine: ''Cameron said to me before we did it, 'I want to put a piece of joy out into the world'.

''That's what his best movies do, they strike a chord with you.''