Emma Roberts deterred from acting

September 1st, 2011

Emma Roberts' family used to try to put her off acting.

The 'The Art Of Getting By' star - who is the niece of 'Pretty Woman' beauty Julia Roberts - revealed she has "always" wanted to be on the big screen, but her family used to refuse to speak about her ambition to be an actress in the hope she wouldn't take it up as a career.

She said: "Nobody encouraged me to get into acting. I always wanted to do it - at home everyone would not talk about it, hoping I would forget."

Despite her lack of family encouragement, the 20-year-old beauty has gone on to star alongside her aunty Julia in 2010 movie 'Valentine's Day', which she admits was "so cool".

The blonde beauty said: "That was so cool for me. I never in a million years thought that I would see my name on a poster with her name."

Emma - who recently appeared in horror movie 'Scream 4' - explained she is not motivated by money when she considers which movies to star in, instead opting for projects she enjoys.

She said: "I just pick what I like. I don't care if you're making a movie for a billion dollars or one dollar."