Noel Clarke silences critics

July 21st, 2010

Noel Clarke has hit out at critics of ''.

The British director admits his latest crime thriller project - featuring Emma Roberts and Tamsin Egerton - was not as successful as his other movie 'Adulthood', but he would not class it as unsuccessful.

Writing on his blog, he said: "So what was happening here in UK while I was away. Well '' was out. It ended up hitting just around 1million in the box office. Very nice, not bad at all, although Adulthood made 3.7million. (I don't get that cash by the way, in case you think I'm some Charlie rich trousers)

"So after the '' thing, consequently some people were like. AH HA he fell off, it didn't do as good, he's failed. I always said that it was important to try something different and not just represent people one way or pigeon hole them or myself. And you know what, If you consider that a failure, (which I don't) Your film did better did it? But if you do consider it that then there is only one thing to do right. Get back up.(sic)"

Discussing a recent trip to Los Angeles, the 34-year-old filmmaker also revealed plans to work on a comic book adaptation.

He said: "Set about trying to optioning a comic that I love. Hopefully will get it finalised. It's f***ing awesome! Will let you know more if I do."