Emma Stone thinks career is 'fleeting'

March 7th, 2012

Emma Stone thinks of her success as ''fleeting''.

The 23-year-old star - who is soon to be seen in the role of Gwen Stacey in 'The Amazing Spider-Man' - tries not to get carried away by fame because she believes all careers ''ebb and flow''.

She said: ''I'm a big believer in impermanence. It's sort of a wonderful feeling when something bad is going on because you know it will end, and when something good is happening I try not to hold on to it too tight because I know it will go.

''Success is such a fleeting thing. I've seen how the careers of people I look up to ebb and flow, so I don't get carried away by it.''

Emma tries to stay focused on her characters so she knows she has not ''sold her soul''.

She added: ''The articles, the magazine covers- that's not really me. The only thing I worry about is how I'm going to play a character, and then I can go to sleep at night knowing I'm not selling my soul.''