Stanley Tucci for Your Voice in My Head?

March 28th, 2012

Stanley Tucci is set to join Emma Watson in 'Your Voice in My Head'.

The 'Hunger Games' actor is being considered for the role of a terminally ill psychiatrist in the film adaptation of Emma Forrest's memoir, which will see Watson take on the lead role of a young writer who is saved from suicide by her therapist after a love affair with a journalist ends badly.

Tom Hanks and George Clooney were previously considered for the role of the therapist although Stanley is the favourite as according to the book his character is ''slim, balding, and effortlessly optimistic''.

The other significant role yet to be cast is Forrest's celebrity former boyfriend, referred to in the book only as her Gypsy Husband but is widely believed to be Colin Farrell, who she dated in 2009.

Justin Timberlake has reportedly been sent the script and is interested in the part.

Speaking about their relationship previously, the writer said: ''Colin is one of the most beautiful souls on the face of this planet. It took a long time, but my heart now feels full when I think of him. When you fall in love again--which I have--it's funny the other things that come back in with that openness. You have this ghost chorus of the lovers who came before, but they're benign now, they're good spirits.''

'Harry Potter' director David Yates will helm the project while Alison Owen will produce through her Ruby Films company.

Production is due to start this summer.