Happy Halloween! What Will You See this Weekend?

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October 31st, 2013

Happy Halloween! What Will You See this Weekend?

"Ender's Game" arrives in theaters on Friday, November 1. Gavin Hood directs the cinematic version of Orson Scott Card's beloved sci-fi classic. In the 2080s, humanity wages war against a formidable alien race. Needing to find their next great hero, the powers that be train children in military procedures. Andrew, known as Ender, rapidly rises to the top of the candidate pool. As he becomes savvier in the ways of war, though, Ender questions whether he has what it takes. The PG-13 rating is due to violence, thematic material, and sci-fi action and violence.

"Last Vegas" stars Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, and Robert De Niro as four aging friends. After Billy announces his upcoming wedding, he invites his pals to come to Las Vegas for a celebration. The men soon discover that having fun in their sixties is a little different than it was when they were younger. The movie's PG-13 rating is due to mature content and language. Jon Turteltaub directs.

"Free Birds" is an animated film from director Jimmy Hayward. For America's turkeys, the scariest day of the year comes in November, not October. Tired of living in fear whenever Thanksgiving rolls around, Jake decides to travel back in time and change history. Before he can pull off this daring heist, Jake needs to recruit a high-profile ally. Action, peril, and some rude humor contribute to a PG rating.

"About Time" opens in limited theaters on Friday, November 1, before its wide release on November 8. Tim Lake learns a secret about his heritage. The men in his family are born with the ability to time-travel. Tim soon realizes that he can travel back and forth in time to correct mistakes and make every moment absolutely perfect. Still, he can't control everything. Some things, like love, have a will of their own. The imaginative comedic drama has an R rating for language and mature content. Richard Curtis directs.

"Dallas Buyers Club" focuses on Ron Woodroof, a hard partier who rarely thinks of the future. Soon, Ron learns that he's HIV positive. With only thirty days left to live, Ron brings his characteristic maverick attitude to the matter of his own survival. Before long, he's flying in the face of the medical industry to help fellow HIV survivors. Jean-Marc VallŽe's drama has an R rating for language, nudity, drug use, and strong mature content.

In "Diana" the beloved Princess of Wales breaks with tradition when she falls in love with a heart surgeon. For a woman who's constantly in the public eye, pursuing a private relationship is nearly impossible. As Diana struggles to reconcile her fame with her secret emotional life, she faces huge challenges. The PG-13 rating is due to smoking, sensuality, and brief strong language. Oliver Hirschbiegel directs.

"Mr. Nobody" stars Jared Leto as the last mortal. In 2092, the human race has uncovered the secrets to immortal life. When a reporter asks Nemo about his life on Earth, he journeys backwards through his memory to reconstruct a rich, multifaceted portrait of his own personal history. The film's R rating is due to violent images, strong language, nudity, and mature content. Jaco Van Dormael directs.

"Big Sur" follows the great Beat poet, Jack Kerouac, as he grows older and grapples with big questions about addiction, fame, art, and nature. Seeking refuge from the fast pace of New York in a secluded Californian cabin, Jack grapples with his own inner demons and deepest revelations. Nudity, mature content, and language contribute to the R rating. Michael Polish directs.

Continuing Films

"Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa" is a hidden camera film from director Jeff Tremaine. Irving plans to take his impressionable young grandson on a road trip across the country. Along the way, he'll teach the boy some unexpected and hilarious lessons about human nature. The raunchy movie has an R rating for crude mature content, graphic nudity, brief drug use, and language.

In "Gravity," a medical engineer must figure out how to make her way to safety after space debris destroys her shuttle. Although she has guidance from a veteran astronaut, Dr. Stone ultimately has to draw on her own inner strength and ingenuity to survive. "Gravity" has a PG-13 rating for brief strong language, disturbing images, and intense sequences of peril. Alfonso Cuar—n directs.

"Captain Phillips" stars Tom Hanks as the commanding officer of a U.S. container ship. After he becomes involved with Somali pirates, Captain Phillips tries to negotiate a deal that will help his crew. Muse, the leader of the pirates, is not an easy man to bargain with. As tensions rise, the outcome seems less and less certain. Paul Greengrass directs the film, which has a PG-13 rating for intense sequences of menace, violence, bloody images, and substance abuse.