Matt Damon ignorant about True Grit

February 11th, 2011

Matt Damon agreed to appear in 'True Grit' before he knew what it was.

The actor-and-screenwriter admits getting the opportunity to work with director siblings Joel and Ethan Coen on the project, as well as lead actor Jeff Bridges, left him with little to say no to and he signed up as soon as he could to the film.

He said: "If The Coen Brothers ask you to work with Jeff Bridges on 'True Grit', that's easy.

"I was in before I knew what the movie was. And then I looked at it and the script is great and unlike anything I've had the chance to do before so it was a really easy decision.

"I was dying to work with them and any actor you talk to would say the same thing. If you ask for a shortlist of directors, they would be right there."

Matt, 40, also confesses he has still not seen the original 1969 movie starring John Wayne because the directors were keen for him not to see it as a remake.

He said: "I actually still haven't seen the other film, because when I had talked to Ethan and Joel about this one, they said 'we are just going to the original source material, we are not seeing it as a remake, we're seeing it as an adaptation of the Charles Portis novel.' So they gave me the novel."