Ethan Hawke's dull 'perfect' characters

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A former Los Angeles security guard named Jake Hoyt (played by Ethan Hawke) has applied for a LAPD position as a Narcotics officer. However, in order to be accepted, he must go through approximately 24 hours of training from a veteran Narcotics officer. Unfortunately for Jake, he is appointed to Alonzo Harris (played by Denzel Washington), an officer who has a nasty reputation for abusing suspects, handling drugs and other evidence in a questionable matter, and opening fire randomly. Jake must learn to watch his own back as Alonzo leads him on a quest of money, drugs and violence.
October 9th, 2012

Ethan Hawke finds it ''boring'' portraying ''perfect'' characters.

The 'Training Day' actor - who stars as true-crime writer Ellison in forthcoming film 'Sinister' - enjoys his alter-egos to be complex and erratic because they are ''much more interesting to play'' and are so unpredictable.

He said: ''Playing people who are perfect is a real bore. It really is. What I liked about Ellison was that he's well-meaning in some ways, but in other ways he's not. He's horribly ambitious and claims to be doing it all for his family, but really he's doing it for himself and his own ambition.

''I find those kinds of people much more interesting to play because, first of all, you don't know what they're going to do next because their motives are all over the place, and yet you have to try to give them some humanity so that audiences care about them regardless of their motives.''

While Ethan loves to push his acting ability to its limits, he enjoys starring alongside an array of ''talented'' actors because it makes up for his ''shortcomings''.

He added to Dread Central: ''I just like to be surrounded by as many talented people as I can. It helps make up for my own shortcomings, it helps me learn things, and it helps me to make good movies.