MOTW: Five Facts about"Evil Dead"

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October 8th, 2013

MOTW: Five Facts about"Evil Dead"

"Evil Dead" is a remake of the classic 1981 horror film "The Evil Dead." Directed and cowritten by Fede Alvarez, the new movie stirred up much controversy before its release because of the amount of gore present in the film. Even if you've been a fan of the franchise for decades, you may appreciate the details of the making of "Evil Dead" that make the film even more intriguing. Listed below are five facts about this terrifying horror movie.

1. "Evil Dead" was produced by the same production crew as the original movie.

Robert Tapert, Bruce Campbell, and Sam Raimi—the producers of the original "Evil Dead" trilogy—produced the new movie as well. Campbell and Raimi had been planning a remake previously, and in 2011, Campbell officially announced that it was in the works. Ghost House Pictures teamed up with FilmDistrict to produce the remake. Fede Alvarez handled the directing and cowrote the script with Rodo Sayagues.

Campbell also played the main protagonist in the original "Evil Dead" trilogy. His portrayal of the hero, Ash, propelled his career and brought him to the limelight. He gained a legion of loyal fans based on his performance in the movies. Raimi's career also took off, and he went on to create notable blockbusters such as the "Spiderman" franchise. Campbell assured fans that the remake would be as thrilling as the original, and sure enough, the movie has earned mostly positive reviews and garnered a 62 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

2."Evil Dead" is much more gruesome than the original.

Compared to the original horror flick, the new version is heavier on blood splatter. It also features plenty of gratuitous violence, outrageous amounts of spilled blood, and various severed limbs.Because of the incredibly gory scenes present in the film, producer Robert Tapert was worried about getting an NC-17 rating, which prompted several cuts in order to attain an R rating.In one scene, one of the main characters has to cut off his own arm using an electric saw, causing a bucketful of blood to splatter all over. The closeup shots of violent scenes make everything even more shocking."Evil Dead" is clearly for hardcore horror fans and not for the faint of heart.

3. The movie uses very little CGI.

Although many other horror movies rely heavily on CGI, the producers of "Evil Dead" filmed the gory special effects with as little of it as possible. For instance, all the vomiting shown in the film is real. Jane Levy, who played as the lead female protagonist, Mia, admitted in an interview that she was horrified to vomit so much over somebody else. Levy also had to endure getting buried alive under piles of dirt and plastic in another scene. She used a breathing tube so that she could survive the scene without suffocating. Director Fede Alverez commented that the crew ordered 50,000 gallons of blood just for a single scene.

4. Lily Collins was supposed to play the female lead.

Although Lily Collins was originally chosen to play Mia, she backed out early in 2012 due to scheduling issues. The schedule of filming "Evil Dead" was in conflict with the filming of "The Mortal Instrument" in which Collins played the lead role. Instead, Jane Levy, an actress known for her role in the TV series "Suburgatory," was cast as Mia. Fortunately, Levy gave a convincing performance that has been acclaimed by critics.

5. "Evil Dead" includes nods to the original trilogy.

The remake makes several references to the classic "Evil Dead" trilogy. Fans of the original movies will easily spot Raimi's Oldsmobile Delta 88, which is shown as rusty, dilapidated, and covered in moss. "Evil Dead" also includes various subtle references to sound effects used in the old films.

One of the best things about the remake is the good cast selection. Considering that very little CGI was used, all of the actors endured gallons of blood, painful prosthetics, and difficult scenes. They handled themselves excellently and delivered great performances. The script was quite dark, although it lacked the mixture of horror and humor found in the 1981 movie. "Evil Dead" is a hardcore horror movie that has shocked and impressed many viewers and critics.