Ewan McGregor's doggy upset

June 3rd, 2011

Ewan McGregor got so attached to the dog in his new movie, he went out and bought a pet.

The Scottish actor - who has daughters Clara, 11, Esther, nine, and Jamiya, also nine, with wife Eve Mavrakis - was devastated to say goodbye to pooch Cosmo when he finished filming 'Beginners', so rushed out to get a similar-looking canine for his family.

He said: "Cosmo was great to work with. He's a lovely little dog. We really got a chance to get to know Cosmo and play with him and become friends with him. He's just a wonderful little man.

"It was impossible to leave him! And, I haven't really. I still see him, now and again. I've totally replaced him in my life with another little dog. I found my dog, Sid, at a rescue place, called the Lange Foundation, on Sepulveda.

"I realised, as I was nearing the end of the shooting, that I didn't want to be without Cosmo, so I started looking for a dog because Cosmo is not my dog, although it felt like he was mine. And, I found this little poodle, called Sid. He's now my dog. I found him on the last day of our shoot. He's exactly the same size as Cosmo, and he's white. I've replaced him because it was devastating to leave him."

Ewan, 40, was so attached to Cosmo he broke down in tears when talking about how hard it was too say goodbye to the dog.

He added to Collider.com: "I was doing the EPK interviews for general press people, at the end of the shoot - it was the last week - and, as I was talking about saying goodbye to Cosmo, I started to cry. It was really embarrassing.

"I was saying, 'It's been lovely to work with Melanie and Christopher, and next week I've got to say goodbye to Cosmo,' and I started crying."