John Turturro directed "Fading Gigolo" in his underpants

May 9th, 2014

John Turturro directed 'Fading Gigolo' in his underpants.

The 57-year-old filmmaker also stars in the 2013's American comedy alongside Sofia Vergara and Sharon Stone and after filming their sex scene he continued to work in his underwear.

Stone explained on US chat show 'The Talk': ''It's [the sex scene] pretty benign. It sounds a lot, more, than it is. The funnier part of it was John. He has on black underpants, we'd be doing it and then he'd get up and be sitting on the camera in his underpants directing. That was the funnier part, for me.''

The blonde beauty added: ''It's a very touching scene. He's with Sofia and I'm beside them talking like 'Hey!'.''

Stone gushed about 'Modern Family' star Vergara, and insists the brunette beauty is stunning even without her make-up on.

She added: ''[Sofia Vergara] is so cute. If it's even possible to fathom, she's more beautiful without make-up. That girl is so beautiful it's inconceivable.''