Simon Pegg impressed by CGI alien

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A modern version of the 1980 musical which centers on the students of the New York Academy of Performing Arts.
February 5th, 2011

Simon Pegg doesn't think an actor's portrayal of an alien can match up to a computer-generated creature.

The actor stars with long-time collaborator Nick Frost in new comedy 'Paul' - which follows to pals who pick up a hitchhiking extra-terrestrial during a road trip across the US - and he is pleased they opted to use Seth Rogen's voice talents with a digital being, rather than cast someone in the title role.

He said: "I think we lucked out with Paul. I look back at the cast, and I don't think there's a single human being that might have been better."

As well as 'Paul', Simon and Nick can next be seen together in 'The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn' - the Steven Spielberg-directed movie in which they play detectives Thompson and Thompson - and were amazed at the attention the film brought them at the world-famous Comic-Con event in San Diego, California.

Simon, 39, explained to FHM magazine: "We were like prisoners in our hotel room. It's a small dose of that level of fame that I hope never to achieve. People like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, that's what their life is like. It's like being in The Beatles or something."

Nick jokingly added: "It's like being a Beatle, at a Beatle convention."