Ryan Gosling's haunted mansion

April 10th, 2015

Ryan Gosling is in talks to star in 'Haunted Mansion'.

The 'Drive' actor has appeared to have struck up a friendship with Guillermo del Toro in recent months and it now seems their February trip to Disneyland - where they rode the Haunted Mansion ride, as well as Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad and the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction - was research for the filmmaker's planned supernatural family film as he has offered a role in the Disney movie to his new pal, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

The movie has been in development for some time and was first announced at Comic-Con almost five years ago.

'High Fidelity' screenwriter D.V. DeVincentis is currently working on a script for the film.

Del Toro has previously spoken of his excitement to bring some ''dark imagery'' to the big screen for Disney.

He said: ''Dark imagery is an integral part of the Walt Disney legacy. After all, Disney himself was the father of some really chilling moments and characters - think Chernabog from Fantasia or Maleficent as the dragon or the Evil Queen in Snow White.

''I couldn't be more excited to be a part of my own adaptation of the original theme park attraction Walt envisioned and that remains, for me, the most desirable piece of real estate in the whole world!

''It's going to be a thrill ride for the whole family but it's definitely going to be scary. Walt Disney is one of the creators of some of the scariest images in my childhood. People forget that he not only made sweet images but also images of nightmare. We need to honour that side of the legacy.''