Kurt Russell won't appear in "The Expendables"

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After killing Owen Shaw and his crew, Dominic (Vin Diesel), Brian (Paul Walker) and their crew are able to return to the United States and live the normal life again as they had wanted. But, Owen's older brother, Ian Shaw (Jason Statham) is after Dominic, seeking revenge for the death of his brother, and after arranging Han's death, the crew sets out to kill the man who killed one of their own.
February 18th, 2014

Kurt Russell won't appear in any of 'The Expendables' films.

The 51-year-old actor has spoken out to say that although he admires Sylvester Stallone's work on the film series he won't be appearing in any future installments alongside stars such as Jason Statham and Jet Li.

He said: ''I'm glad Sly's done well with this. He's a great person. The fellas all seem to have a good time. I've never seen any of them [the films]. It's not a beat I get. It's like looking backwards to me.''

The 'Death Proof' actor went on to speak about 'The Fast and Furious', and admitted that although its been assumed he would play a father figure to the late Paul Walker's character in 'Fast & Furious 7' he's revealed things may not be as clear cut as that.

Speaking to IGN, he said: ''The character I play is presented as one thing, but you have a big suspicion that he's another. It's really the family around Vin [Diesel] that's going to be suspecting, 'Why is he involved with this guy?'''

Russell also said that he's intrigued by the franchise and thinks it's fascinating that it can appeal to such a diverse audience.

He added: ''There's something about 'Fast & Furious'. It has that mystery to me - and it's for a funny audience, you know? It's for a 15 to... 30? I think now you can take that from 15 to 45, and I think that's what's interesting about that.''

'Fast & Furious 7' is currently still under production and will be released in UK and US cinemas on the 10th April 2015.