Monday Wrap-Up: What Happened Over the Weekend?

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures
November 5th, 2012

Monday Wrap-Up: What Happened Over the Weekend?

-- “Wreck-It Ralph” made a heroic showing at the box office this weekend, nabbing top honors with total earnings of $49,100,000. After years of being an arcade villain, Ralph decides he wants to experience life as a good guy. When he accidentally causes even more trouble, however, it is up to Ralph and his new friend to get things back to normal. “Wreck-It Ralph” has a PG rating for rude humor and mild action and violence.

“Flight” soared into second place with earnings of $25,010,000. After narrowly surviving a harrowing crash, an airline pilot ends up at the center of an intense investigation. As unsavory aspects of his personal life come to light, the pilot tries to cling to his old identity. The drama has an R rating for drug and alcohol abuse, an intense action sequence, language, mature content, and nudity.

“The Man with the Iron Fists” landed in fourth place in overall box office rankings. RZA stars as a blacksmith who has to draw on all his strength and cunning to defend his community. When ruthless assassins threaten a small village, they learn that the locals can put up quite a fight. The film brought in $8,200,000. The R rating is due to bloody violence, language, drug use, and mature content.

Continuing Films

“Argo” has continued to perform well during its fourth weekend in theaters, earning $10,245,000 and bringing the total to over $75 million. Bryan Cranston and Ben Affleck star as CIA specialists. Needing to rescue six Americans from a dangerous hostage situation in Iran, the specialists team up with filmmakers to stage an elaborate hoax and bring the refugees home safely. “Argo” has an R rating for violent images and language.

“Taken 2” brought in $6 million. Overall profits now equal more than $125 million. After a retired CIA agent risked everything to save his teenage daughter, he thought he could finally rest easy. However, the enemies he made still remember Bryan Mills and are determined to seek their revenge. Mills once again ends up fighting for his life. The PG-13 rating is due to sensuality and intense violence and action sequences.

“Cloud Atlas” earned $5,250,000 during the weekend of November 2. Total earnings equal more than $18 million. Six unique stories span different time periods and settings, yet all feature interlocking themes. From the South Pacific in 1849 to post-apocalyptic Hawaii, the epic story explores the effects that even the smallest actions create. Tom Hanks and Halle Berry star. The R rating is due to violence, mature content, nudity, drug use, and language.

“Hotel Transylvania” continues to delight audiences. With weekend earnings of $4,500,000, the family-friendly flick has now earned more than $137 million. Mavis should feel lucky that her father is throwing her a lavish birthday party, but she knows that he is only trying to distract her from her boredom. When an uninvited guest catches Mavis’ eye, she has to make a decision about following her heart or being faithful to her loving dad, Dracula. The PG rating is because of scary images, action scenes, and rude humor.

Movies to DVD

“Arthur Christmas” arrives out on DVD and Blu-Ray on Tuesday, November 6, right in time for the holiday season. Everybody knows about Santa Claus, but not as many people know about Santa’s sons. While Steve is primed to take over the whole operation, Arthur is nervous and bumbling. One Christmas Eve, however, Arthur notices that a little girl did not receive her gift. This is Arthur’s big chance to become a hero, but he will need to overcome his anxiety and find the true spirit of Christmas. “Arthur Christmas” has a PG rating for mild rude humor.

“Your Sister’s Sister” is a comedic drama about family relationships. Iris will do anything for her friend Jack, especially now that he is mourning a loss. When Iris invites Jack to spend time at her family’s isolated vacation cabin, she does not realize that her sister is already there. Sparks fly between Jack and Hannah, stirring up complex emotions in Iris. The movie has an R rating for language and mature content.

“Fire with Fire” tells the story of Jeremy, a firefighter who ends up in a heated fight for his sanity. After accidentally witnessing a crime and working to bring the killer to justice, Jeremy finds his life haunted by paranoia and distrust. The murderer may be coming back for him. Mature content, language, and intense violence contribute to the film’s R rating.

“360” takes place in Vienna, Paris, Colorado, and London. From a couple’s infidelity to a criminal adjusting to life in the outside world, seemingly different stories end up intertwining, revealing startling secrets about the various characters. The R rating is due to nudity, mature content, and language.