Gerard Butler needs extra security

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The film adaptation of an inspirational true story, Machine Gun Preacher is based on the life of Sam Childers, founder of the Angels of East Africa rescue organization. Gerard Butler portrays the main character, who undergoes a transformation from drug-dealing criminal to savior for hundreds of kidnapped and orphaned children in East Africa. Marc Forster directs while other cast members include Michelle Monaghan, Kathy Baker, Madeline Carroll, Michael Shannon and Souleymane Sy Savane.
September 14th, 2011

Gerard Butler has been forced to hire bodyguards after receiving death threats over his latest movie 'Machine Gun Preacher'.

The Scottish star plays a Christian Hells Angel biker who rescues Muslim orphans from war-torn Sudan in the film based on a real-life story but fanatics angered by the role forced Gerard, 41, to be accompanied by security at all times as he promoted the movie at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

A source told the Daily Record newspaper: "It is quite a controversial subject and some people are upset by the strong religious theme. We are treating this matter seriously."

However, Gerard was unimpressed with his personal bodyguard, claiming he didn't do enough to protect him from the paparazzi on his arrival in Canada.

He said: "When we arrived in Toronto, when we came out of the airport, we were attacked by this crowd of paparazzi, crowding in, yelling, flashbulbs popping. We had all our bags slung over us, we couldn't move, and he [the bodyguard] was just sort of standing there.

"Hello, I really could have used you then. Now, here in the room with one journalist, he's all ready to go."