Gerard Butler's romantic comedy need

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The producers of Legally Blonde bring you this romantic comedy pairing Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. For her part, Heigl plays the role of Abby, a single woman who has control issues. She produces a Sacramento morning TV show, and it's here that she gets forced into working with the crass character of Mike Chadway (Butler). At first the two don't like each other, but eventually she finds herself embroiled in a series of outrageous tests meant to prove her new correspondent's theories on love and relationships. Mike's ploys, though clever and irritating, end up leading to an unanticipated result.
February 6th, 2012

Gerard Butler felt like he had to ''have a go'' at romantic comedies.

The Scottish actor initially rose to fame after starring in action film '300', and he admits his later dalliances with films including 'The Bounty Hunter' and 'The Ugly Truth' were done because he wanted to make sure he tried everything.

He said: ''You have to have a go don't you? Nothing ventured and all that. I could have stuck with being Mr. Action Guy but I went and did a kids' movie, 'Nim's Island' and then a bunch of romantic comedies and 'Law Abiding Citizen', a taut thriller about a serial killer with Jamie Foxx.

''The way I was thinking was, 'OK, I'm doing pretty well in action movies, so let me see how high I can go in drama or romantic comedy.''

Now starring in heavy-hitting movies such as 'Coriolanus', Gerard admits he is in a ''wonderful'' position.

He added to Red Bulletin: ''Let's say I'm not at all sure if I am Hollywood's hottest British actor, but - and this is the lawyer in me talking - for the sake of argument, let's just suppose for one moment that it is the case and if so I'd say, it feels pretty bloody wonderful.''